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Car Door Lockout Assistance

When you need a locksmith, don’t settle for anything less than the best in Tucson. Our team of qualified professionals provides excellent service and is always available to help with any problem that comes up! We have been successfully providing quality workmanship since we started because we care about our customers' peace of mind.

Integrity is a rare thing in today's world, and we understand how important it is for our customers when their security is at stake.

Mobile Locksmith Services

Our shop is fully capable, but so are our vans. We've developed a mobile shop that comes to you that has all the essential machinery, tools, and equipment needed to do most of the work that might be required. A very large percentage of our customers need us to come to them and do work on-site, which is why we've developed the mobile lockout service vans.

Our mobile locksmith service is in very high demand and needs to be scheduled in advance. Remember- our vans have all the tools and equipment but might need specialty parts such as locks, key blanks, or electronics that will have to be stocked before the vehicle leaves for the day.

If you need mobile locksmith service in Tucson az, we're ready- give us a call!

Commercial Locksmith Services

Locking down your business is a must-have for any reputable company. As a preferred commercial locksmith, we understand the needs of commercial and industrial standard security and have plans that address a wide variety of business sizes and needs. From small offices to large facilities, we offer new lock installation, maintenance and re-keying of existing locks, safe installation and maintenance, file cabinet and internal storage locks, master key system installation and maintenance, access control systems, and keyless entry systems, and commercial lockout assistance.

If access control is your main concern, a locksmith in Tucson is exactly what you need and we would be honored to send our best locksmiths to your facility.

Residential Services Locksmiths

Home security often starts with having a good residential locksmith install high-security locks. If you've just bought a home, it is a good practice to have all of the security equipment either inspected and serviced and/or re-keyed or replaced. This is also a good time to discuss possibly installing a master key system for the house.

One common oversight for residential security (and sometimes businesses too) is the garage doors. Garage door repair services often focus on how well the door opens and closes but many times leave the door lock unserviced which can lead to potential security risks. When you have us out to your home to service your locks, don't forget to ask us about our garage door repair service.

Emergency Lockout Services

Our locally owned Tucson Az business provides emergency lockout services by licensed locksmiths at affordable prices. Our business security customers have dedicated support for after-hours business lockouts.

Our emergency locksmith services are on call and service Tucson and surrounding service areas. This service is designed to focus on helping people gain entry (without damaging the locks if possible) and aren't designed to provide other services such as a lock change or automotive services (like fob replacement, etc.)

If a child or pet is locked inside a car in the Tucson Az HEAT- do not delay calling the authorities (Tucson Police or Fire Department) and us for our emergency services. Being locked in a car in Tucson Arizona, as we all know, is a genuine emergency.

Key Replacement- Car Keys, Key Locks, House Locks, And More!

Lost key? Broken keys? Need key duplication help? Our key services can help you with lost key replacement, car door keys, mortise locks, key fobs, access control, and more. We pride ourselves on our ability to service a wide variety of car keys and other automotive services. If you need your car door opened- call us today.

High-Security Locks

These locks are specifically designed to provide better protection for you and your home. These sturdy, tough mechanisms will keep crooks out - even if they try picking or drilling! These special locks often need the service of a locksmith and our locksmiths in Tucson are available to help you with those needs.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry systems can be complicated, especially with cars. At Locksmith Tucson, we specialize in keyless entry systems. We stock a large variety of fobs and can program most on location or at our headquarters.

We Service Tucson Az and surrounding areas

Locksmith Tucson comes to you- but... since our service is in such high demand, it is often best to call in and schedule a home visit. Our business hours for emergency lockout assistance (serving Tucson) is 24 hours/7 days a week.

Locksmith Tucson FAQs

Can a locksmith be trusted?

Locksmiths are in high demand these days. With more people securing their homes and cars with locks, there has been an increase in business for professional locksmiths. Make sure you find one who proudly displays what they do on their vehicle as well as having friendly customer service!

More than just a professional and public appearance, a locksmith must have integrity. This shows through in everything they do and say- it is all congruent. In today's world, it is important to get security right...

Why would you need an emergency locksmith?

Locking yourself out of your home is never a fun experience, but it's even worse when you don't have access to keys. If there is a child or an animal locked inside a hot car, this is absolutely an emergency and the Police or Fire Department should be alerted first, then call for us to send out one of our licensed locksmiths.

When should I consider rekeying the locks on my home?

When a new home is purchased, there is no sure way to make sure that you are the only one with a set of keys- this is probably one of the best times to re-key (or even replace) all the access points to the home.

In the event of a lost key, depending on where you think the key was lost might feed into the decision to re-key the locks or not. Be aware, that 'lost keys' could very well be 'stolen keys' so make sure to weigh all possible options when you find yourself in that position.

Remember, the home is one of the most important places in life. Making sure it is safe and secure is essential. The peace of mind knowing that you are in control of all copies of keys is priceless- and if not us, make sure to use a locksmith in Tucson to help you take care of your home.


Whether you need professional locksmith service, key replacement, automotive locksmith services, mobile locksmith services, key locks, security services, car door unlocking, residential services, lock and key, a service call, broken key extraction, house keys, car lockout, lock key, car lockouts and lockout assistance, key cutting- our locksmiths in Tucson Az provide a professional service and have many repeat clients.

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