Been thinking: I need a mobile locksmith near me?


What is your car key like? Is it always getting stuck in the ignition or do you find yourself constantly misplacing them because they're so boring-looking (we know, we've been there)?

Well, don't worry! If these problems sound all too familiar then maybe it's time to call our emergency automotive lockout service.

Our professional locksmiths will come out and make new car keys for both sticking issues as well as provide some customization options on those generic looks if necessary - just contact us right away before this becomes an even bigger issue!

n the event of an emergency with your car door, such as if there was a child or pet inside when it closed on its own-- then you should call Tucson Locksmiths ASAP. We will send expert locksmiths out to help right away!


Automotive Locksmith Services

We provide all automotive locksmith services including:

  • Transponder key services
  • Key replacement
  • Broken keys
  • Key duplication
  • Key programming
  • New key programming
  • Car lock service and replacement
  • Lockouts
  • and much more

If you need an automotive or residential locksmith, we encourage you to schedule a time for one of our expert technicians to come to visit.

They can provide all the solutions that are necessary to solve your problem at home including transponder keys for condos and door lock repairs!


Locally owned locksmith company with the highest integrity

At Best Locksmith Tucson, we are proud to be a Tucson Az local company that strives to provide the best mobile locksmiths you can find in the Old Pueblo.

Our drive to provide the best mobile service using the best locksmiths and specialized tools with honor and integrity has allowed us a great base of returning customers- especially since our reasonable prices beat our competition's "affordable price".


How do our mobile locksmith services work?

Serving all of Tucson Az, we have several of our mobile service professionals out on calls in Tucson and the surrounding area throughout the day and early evening so we can have our nearest locksmith swing by in a timely manner for urgent issues like a car lockout or you need to gain access to your business.

Normally, however, our mobile locksmiths are in high demand and are booked in advance by appointment.

If you have plans that need locksmith service, such as duplicate car keys, car door locks, key fobs, repair a door lock, program a transponder key, change a car remote battery, etc. then it is best to call and schedule a specific date and time so that you won't have to wait.

This allows us to keep our costs down, and we know that everyone wants a cheap locksmith to take care of our needs.


Emergency locksmith services

Our emergency locksmith service is not limited to only emergencies, we take care of urgent issues such as lost keys, getting a car unlocked, car lockouts, keys inside a locked house or car, etc.

We're Tucson's trusted locksmith and we are ready to provide friendly service on a 24 hour basis 7 days a week.

If you need a car locksmith near you to get a duplicate car key, a car key replacement, or troubleshoot a new car key from some other local locksmith that doesn't quite work- we're ready for your call...


Locksmith in Tucson FAQs

What areas do your locksmiths serve?

Our mobile locksmith service covers Tucson Az and the Tucson area in Pima County.

No matter the location in Tucson, we service locks, your vehicle, key replacement, key programming, key fobs, key duplication, broken keys, transponder keys as well as help with your car key or lock key- our locksmith service covers it all.

Is your mobile locksmith service only for automotive?

No, nearly all residential and commercial locksmith services are provided on location. Serving Tucson at home where the locks are physically located requires us to come to your home.

Why would I ask a locksmith to rekey a lock?

Lost a key? You might not need to replace the entire lock...

The locksmith services to rekey your locks, take the pins inside the locks, and changes them around so that any copies of the old keys will no longer work. This can be a much lower locksmith cost compared to replacing the locks, and this saves time and money!

How do you program condo access fobs (transponder key)?

There are tiny chips inside the fob that is programmable using a special device that programs it using radio waves. Typically we need a working fob to 'copy' and then can program a new transponder key for you.

This service usually takes less than 15 minutes.

I broke a key off in the lock, what should I do?

First, gain access via another entry/door and make sure the lock is locked from the inside- make sure that security is not compromised. Then call us to schedule a repair visit.

A broken key that is stuck in a lock can be very hard to remove if you don't have experience with it. Allow us to send a local locksmith near to your location and get it handled for you, at an affordable price!

We don't stop at broken key removal, we will also inspect the lock to determine if there is a mechanical problem that caused the key breaking in the first place.

Do you have car keys for my kind of vehicle?

Short answer- probably. Unfortunately, auto manufacturers have stepped up with proprietary technologies and sometimes the newest cars have computers that must also be reprogrammed in addition to the car key.

In most cases, our car locksmith services can do the car key and car- but sometimes (especially for exotic cars) the only path is to have it reprogrammed by a dealership.

Why should I choose a mobile locksmith instead of my dealer?

As a locally-owned Tucson Az locksmith company, we understand the need for great services at reasonable prices.

We are specialized in car locksmith service (especially car key replacement) and can be much quicker and cheaper than most dealerships that specialize in other automotive repairs (engines, transmissions, electronics, etc.)

Not to mention, the usual upselling tactics that car dealerships typically employ aren't our way of doing business- We want to fix or replace your car key, not sell you a new car... Our locksmiths arrive aiming to keep your cost low.

Contact us now- we'll send over a reliable car locksmith technician now!

What about residential services?

Great question! Chances are, we have a locksmith near you during the day because we have several mobile locksmiths dispatched throughout the day in all areas of Tucson Arizona. Our residential locksmith services cover multiple issues that might come up such as house keys, new keys, lock repair, replace a lock, locked file cabinets, safes, and much more.

All, of course, on a 24-hour basis 7 days a week.

Best Locksmith Tucson is a 24-hour mobile locksmith service company

We strive to provide the best professional service to our customers and consider every contact with you as a precious opportunity to prove our business is the most reliable and efficient, affordable, and the most professional, and trustworthy local locksmith available!

As a Tucson favorite local locksmith, we pride ourselves in how our locksmiths keep true to their arrival time and the professional manner in which they deliver their locksmith services and other great services to our customers.

It is almost like 'friendly service' is their middle name...

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